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Printing vinyls; need people's input

2011-09-29 03:38:14 by SmithCommaJohn

Hey guys, it's lil' ol' me here, makin' a news post.

Currently I've been putting together and fixing up some songs for an album that at this point I'll just dub 'DNF'. If you got the reference, thank you.

Anywho, I'm finishing up the preliminary set of songs that I want to release as a teaser for the final product, a single if you will, to entice the masses and test the waters. I'm tossing between a 7" with maybe 2-3 songs on it, sell it for 6-8 USD or a 12" with 4-6 songs on it and sell it for 10-15 USD. I'll make a limited press of 100 or so for the first pressing and if more people want a copy, then there will be more pressings. With the vinyl, I'll figure out a way to give you a free MP3 download of the songs as well.

If all goes well, I also planned to get them in the NG Store.

This is what you'll expect on the press: /xkore-need-you-feat-zoe-naomi
Future garage-like style. Oh also, I remixed xKore. Hi.

Basically, all I did here was tell you my idea. Now what I need is not money, but genuine interest in this project. I'm not gonna spend hundreds of dollars on this just so maybe 3 people buy them. No, I need lots and lots of support on this. Tell your friends, spread the word!

Also if you have a Facebook, like my page to get news and free shit before anyone else!

Happy listening!


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2011-09-29 06:58:59

Vinyls are awesome, man.
Having them always makes you better than people with less vinyls.
They're just so... majestic! I look forward to that!