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Fan Page, Making a CD and A Dog+Cat

2011-02-13 16:14:11 by SmithCommaJohn

I'd like to re-iterate that I have a facebook fan page right now: mma-John/117204441686757

If you already liked it, then you're cool and we can be friends. :D

ROUND 2: I'm making a CD (no really this time). I'm aiming for 15 songs and a release around September. I have a few artists in mind already and they're all interested in making album art. I'm not giving any names at this point, but I can humbly say that they are awesome at what they do. It's post-dub/glitch and if I can influence the right people, I can get it in the NG store.

So, is anyone interested?

Also dog with bonus cat.

Fan Page, Making a CD and A Dog+Cat


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2011-02-13 19:27:17

hello and i am interested


2011-03-05 10:56:57

how much dose it cost also awesome bonus pic